23 03 2015

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So I was just up for a writing job on a new TV show.  It happened all really fast and since I’ve just been hanging with me and my baby for the past 3 months, i thought this could be fun! It was going to be a really short job, just a few months long and if you know how obsessed I am with my baby, you would know that’s about all the time I’d want to stay away from him!  (during the day only obviously!)

Also the job was in NYC where I’m living right now with said baby and my husband. (hopefully I wont have to stay here much longer, I’m way to Californian to be living in NYC) But I digress…

Anyway, I watched the pilot presentation of the show and really liked it. I thought it was surprisingly funny and clever. Let me tell you that’s not the case. Often times I’m watching the pilot of a show and have to meet with the showrunners right after and I’m going crazy trying to think of nice things to say about the pilot. This was not the case in this show, I genuinely liked it.

So I met with the showrunner. Bam, went great. They brought me back the next day to meet with the head of the production company, BAM, went great. Then they got some references of people I’ve written with before BAM, things were moving and shaking along…

Then they said the star of the show wanted to talk to me… so we hopped on the phone and this celebrity asked me to tell him about myself and then asked me what shows I watched. Well I guess I’m uninteresting and don’t watch good shows (sorry VEEP) because radio silence!  it was a 10 minute conversation which was interrupted because he was traveling and said he couldn’t hear everything I said…

Then today I got the word that it was a no go.

That’s ridiculous. The people who know about TV writing and producing loved me but this guy got to make the call after a phone call where he admitted he couldn’t really hear what I had to say!?!?!

So when I talk to clients and tell them that it’s not always the script, but the stupidest things matter in getting hired, I just lived it!




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24 03 2015

Oh, boy – how frustrating! But it is comforting, in a way, that rejections can be about things we truly can’t control. And on the bright side, you get more time with your baby! Perhaps all worked out as it should. 🙂

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