The New Muppet Show

3 02 2016

In case you haven’t heard, the new Muppets show has been rebooted and my friend Kristin Newman is at the helm. Yes a female showrunner! Great news! She took over half way through the season when the old show runners were not working out.  And the critics are loving the new energy and joy she’s bringing back to show.  It will be interesting to see how the audience responds. You should definately take a look! But since this is about being a TV writer, you should watch a few episodes from the old showrunners and a few episodes from the new one. Watch and learn how the characters or tone or jokes have changed. There’s few opportunities to put the same show side by side and evaluate it from a writing perspective.  I’m curious to see how you would analyze it and how you would rate it.  This is a great exercise for those who really want to get into TV writing.  And hey one day you might meet Kristin and you will have tons of insight into how she turned a dying show around! Here’s a photo of Kermit and I hanging back stage! My son is very impressed!IMG_5329.JPG



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