TV Writing: 2019 Goals And Getting Started

22 01 2019


55117cc3ba0ec016cc87016cabf3b11aHappy New Year! Have you been procrastinating like me and not writing the script you’ve been wanting to write? Maybe you’ve written the outline and know exactly what you want to write, but can’t get motivated to sit down and just bang it out.

I’m right there with you! I’ve been doing the same exact thing. A few months ago I wrote an outline for a pilot and even promised my agent that I was going to finally get that first draft to her… that was a month ago! So I’m on this journey with you:

Here are the 5 things I’ve had to remind myself to get motivated to write this script, hope they help you!

  1. Just start writing – If you’re stuck or feeling unmotivated, just sit down at your computer and just start writing. Write anything. Something you saw that was funny. Something you want your family to do next holiday season.  Something you wish happened on your last vacation… Often if  you  just start writing, you’ll keep writing. Do this every day for a week!
  2. Carve out just 30 minutes to write every single day for a month –  Thirty minutes is nothing. You probably spend 10X that on social media. Just sit down at your computer and set a timer and start tapping those keys. Likely by the end of that month you will have your first two scenes completed and will feel motivated to continue.
  3.   Remind Yourself Why You’re Writing – Do you hate your day job? do you want to move to LA but need to feel like you’re ready to go there? Do you want to be a writer on Saturday Night Live or a Netflix show?  Whatever your reason, write that down on a post-it and put it on your computer, your mirror, your coffee mug.  Remind yourself that the pain of getting started will be rewarded by the end goal.
  4. . Don’t Judge – If you’re sitting in constant judgement of every word you write, you’re not going to be successful.  So give yourself a break in the first draft. I have a client who always writes “dummy dialogue” in his first draft and if i get nitpicky on his dialogue during our notes call, he will be like that’s just a placeholder! Just get that first draft done and then you can go back in and massage the entire script. this is important because often times you get to know the characters more throughout writing your script and therefore you will know more about them and their typical reactions, their needs, how they talk, their voice as you go back in and do the rewrite and re-craft their actions and dialogue you wrote in the beginning of the script.
  5. Reward Yourself For Writing – When you work, you get a paycheck, that is your reward for doing your job. When you write a pilot or spec script for a contest or TV Fellowship, you can feel like you’re never going to see that reward. Therefore, give yourself one. Spring for a latte, get a pedicure, treat yourself to a cupcake. Pick whatever it is that you will feel great getting to encourage yourself to kick start the writing. Pedicure and cupcakes are my go tos, what are yours? You don’t have it do it every single time you sit and write if you don’t want, but maybe if it gets you going, then after you complete you first draft, then after you send your script to your friend or agent. Each accomplishment can have a different reward.

Here’s to a motivating 2019 where you complete your scripts, submit them on time to fellowships and contests and feel so accomplished that you’re working to your TV and film writing goal.



2 responses

22 01 2019
Yonatan Hurwitz

I wish you a ton of success in this endeavor, my good doctor! You got this!
Sending you good vibes – probably since I sure as shite need you to send some back! 🙂

22 01 2019

hahaha, sending them your way as well! lets do this.

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