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My name is Sarah McLaughlin and my story starts like yours might. I started as a production assistant on the  hit ABC show, “Home Improvement.” There I studied every script I could get my hands on and taught myself the nuances of television writing.

This dedication, combined with an acceptance to the prestigious and competitive Warner Bros. Writers Workshop, led to a promotion to writers’ assistant on  the FOX sitcom, “That ‘70s Show.”  The following season I was promoted onto the writing staff and it launched my television-writing career.  I have since gone on to work on “South Park,” Season 13 and sell pilots to MTV and SONY television.

As a writer, I’ve worked with the executive producers, showrunners and the writing staff on over 12 network primetime shows. I’ve had the unique opportunity to sit in the writers room alongside some of Hollywood’s most creative minds. I’ve seen hundreds of TV episodes start from an idea tossed out by a writer. I have contributed to every step of the story development until the show is filmed and wrapped.

I give script notes on a daily basis and see them implemented weekly on my shows. As a script evaluator and creative consultant for the Warner Bros. Writers Workshop and The Disney/ABC writers fellowship, I help other creative talents gain the experience and attention that will help them achieve their own dreams.

I have fifteen years experience in the TV writer field  and succeeded because of a simple principle: “Writers need feedback.”   I’ve never met or worked with a writer who would finish a first draft of a script and simply turn it in to a showrunner, an agent or TV executive.  Writers turn to other writers to help them see what they’re missing to take their first draft to a superior polished script. A fellow writer knows what your script needs: an extra plot point, a dramatic moment or a memorable joke that ends up on t-shirts.

Simpy put, fellow writers can tell you precisely what’s missing and how to elevate your script to the next level. Get the personal guidance you need from a professional who has seen it and done it all.

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8 08 2010
david romero

Suzy Byrne is a good friend of mine and suggested I give you a shout.

I just finished the 5th draft of my screenplay, the Penitent Thief. an epic period piece. The 1st draft was 311 pages. I’ve widdled it down to 187 pages. Is that still to long?


17 07 2014

Hi Sarah,

Question: I’m a 45 year old male in TN who has a degree in Journalism and has newspaper/feature writing experience. But TV writing has always been a dream. Am I too old to start?

28 09 2015

Email me at sarah@tvscriptdoctor.com and we can chat!

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