Back to being a TV writer…

22 08 2011

Hey guys, during my hiatus of Diva, I was off on a secret adventure working for one of the most incredible companies in the world… and exciting companies if you’re like me and love sports. I can’t say what it is, but perhaps you can guess. Anyway, It was such an amazing experience, i am so sad it’s over. However, I still got to work for this great place which was always a dream of mine, every since I was a kid I loved the brand and wanted to have a job there, it was a huge risk to move up to the world headquarters for a summer, to a city where i knew NO ONE and I had to make myself muster up a lot of courage, but I did it! I’m so proud of myself! And its something I want to communicate to you, my lovely readers: If you want to become a TV writer JUST DO IT! I know it’s scary and seems daunting, but so did getting a job working for one of the biggest companies in the world did to me! you have to chase your dream because you’ll never be satisfied if you don’t. And if it doesn’t work out, who cares? at least you tried someone and you know what most people in this world DONT TRY ANTYHING. They let fear dictate what they can and cannot do… seriously get over it and as we say at that company JUST. DO. IT!

But i’m back in LA and getting ready to start the pitching season all over again. Are you getting ready to pitch to TV networks too? Right now I’m at the Writers Guild of America in the lounge writing my pitch that I’ll take out to production companies over the next month. First stop is pitching to my agent and manager next week. This pitch shouldn’t be so hard as it’s a show based on my actual life. It’s much easier to write that pitch than to write one about aliens shopping in whole foods for the first time… although there are aliens in the whole foods at 3rd and fairfax, seriously if you can get out of that parking lot alive, i’m impressed.

back to the drawing board! keep writing and i’ll be giving you more updates now that I’m back in LA, baby!


The episode I wrote airs tonight!!

24 07 2011

Hey guys,the episode I wrote of DDD airs tonight! Here’s what Perez Hilton had to say about it. perez hilton talks about my episode I’m so excited! It’s an amazingly important episode, touching, heart felt and dare I say funny (yeah I dared to say it!)

Guest stars include: lance bass, clay aiken (who I met at the Outfest premiere of my episode in LA last weekend, that dude is so freaking hilarious! I had no idea!) and Wanda Skykes and Amanda Bearse. You must watch! And then tell me what you think. Even though I wrote on that 70s show for years, I’m way more proud of this episode than any I wrote on that show. It just rules.

TV Script Doctor

27 04 2011

Not only have I been super crazy busy filming my episode of my show and writing my second episode, I’ve also been reading and giving notes on tons of my client’s scripts and having a blast. One writer, who is a repeat customer, sent me her new script and I loved it and it was such a huge step up from the very first script I read of hers. Made me so proud that she keeps writing and getting better as that’s the only way to improve.

I read another client’s Glee and we had so much fun coming up with a new ending on his script, I felt like I was back in a comedy writers room! I hope this kid moves to LA and gets on a show, he’s gonna be a star!

And then I’ve been reading tons of pilots and giving notes on character, plot, tone and story! Phew, it’s been a busy spring! What are you guys writing these days?

How much do I love writing on this show??

27 04 2011

I am such a lucky girl! I get to work with the best writers on the best show!

Last week we filmed my episode with a stunning list of guest stars: Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass and Michael Gross (the dad from TVs Family Ties) The dailies look great and I’m so proud of this episode, I think you guys will be too as it addresses a very important issue. Gay prom! Which is interesting since I was never invited to prom and never went to a prom, dab those tears away… My episode should air sometime in July. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Drop Dead Diva

6 03 2011

Hey guys, you’re probably wondering what happened to me! I got a job writing on Drop Dead Diva, with the best staff of writers a girl could work with and for. It’s one of those jobs where you’re like “how did i get so lucky to work with such amazing and smart writers?”

As you all know my background is in comedy, so i’ve been known in Hollywood to be a sitcom writer, but now I’ve added Drama writer to my resume as well! It’s been a steep learning curve, especially since the show is a legal drama which made me regret going to business school and not law school. Now I say things like “evidentiary hearing” and “objection!” instead of fart jokes, a big step up i’d say!

Anyway, I”m still available to read your scripts and would love to hear some questions you have about writing on a TV show. It’s a crazy full time job that keeps me very busy, but i’m always avail. for my faithful readers!

CBS’s The Defenders Pilot Script

2 11 2010

do you like jim belushi or Jerry O’connell? I’m a huge O’connell fan because he’s a huge Howard Stern fan and comes on the Superfan roundtable over on Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite radio show. anyway, they’re starring in a new show for CBS called the defenders. Here’s the script, I”ve loaded it up to to google docs for you, check it out.

There are a bunch of pilot scripts up there in addition to The Defenders!Defenders Pilot Script

Also Check out my site TV SCRIPT DOCTOR to learn more about what I can and how I can help you make your script unbelievable!

Selling shows

18 10 2010

another update. Like I said last week I sold a TV show!! I’m so excited. The best part about it is that I sold it with no interference of any production company. Usually when you go to a network and pitch a show you need producers to come on board with you. However, i didn’t do that this time. I had a meeting with this cable network and then emailed the guys I had met with and told them my idea and they asked me to come in and pitch it, which I did and they bought it! Prior to this, I had been paired with a studio who made me re-write and re-write and re-write and re-write a pitch until quite frankly, I no longer recognized my idea. Which I am partially to blame for allowing that to happen, but in some respects you need the studio to be excited about the project to set up meetings to pitch it to the major networks. However, when you have 4 people weighing in on just the pitch, it really is too many cooks in the kitchen. Harvard Business School would say that while you want the diversity of opinions in the group, sometimes too many people really junks up the mechanisms of efficient team think.

So the reason why I’m especially proud of my cable sale is that it was my idea, my vision, my pitch, 100% pure me. My vision wasn’t diluted by anyone else’s vision. And it sold, in the room. What that says about having a studio interfere…